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Arduino slot racing

If anyone does this where the budget is higher, get yourself some rfid detector to register your driver with the machine.
Connecting together the input sensors with the output starter-lights on the gantry and the two 4-digit timers was straightforward.
Thanks to Mark for sending in this tip!The bono u2 cartoon other two switches are mounted on a piece of wood, connected to 5 via a 20kOhm resistor at one end, with the connection to the input pin to the arduino at that end of the switch, with ground on the other pole of the.It wasnt long before I was grateful for the new cars.Prizes for the best in age-range (keys stage 1, key stage 2 and the rest).Select button adds a lap to the lap count, wrapps from 9.So after a while getting this code nearly right, I was able to throw a post-it note through each lane to pretend that a car was passing over the lane.The result looks like this: Here's a sketch: Close up, mosfet A: mosfet B: At first, all seemed well.For good measure they also added a lap counter that uses an IR LED and detector to sense when a car passes the finish line.It also implements a drag race-style light system to start the race and can tell if a car false starts.My thinking was that if I did the electronics timers in one of these pieces, then it can be connected to the old or the new track systems.The behavior of the mosfet seemed to be exactly the same as the variable resistor controller; the resistance, voltage, and current fluctuated the same way on various parts of the circuit.Ill update this post with feedback from when it gets used for real.It may be a little difficult to intuit all of the information that the Micro Bit is displaying on its LED array, but it shouldnt take too much practice.Ie: A pull-up resistor.
Someone said that a 20k creates less power drain than a 10k, so I thought Id try that.
Eventually we got it sorted.

But for now there are several videos and a gallery of images to drool over.Couldnt find any suppliers except RS Components.I created a state machine, which had a few states :.Johannes answered the call with a slot car track timer.I was surprised how soft the track was to cut, so I could do it easily with a simple craft knife.He coded the software for the handset and a computer using Adobe AIR.The build is certain to entertain Davids grandkids for some time, as well as help them get involved with programming and building anything that they can imagine.The IR emitters need to be always-on.So they only need a ground and 5v connection, and a resistor.