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He moved in with him (without asking him first) after Paloma's accident to help him.
Unluckily, he is in the wrong building for that.
She has started a relationship with Yago.In the end, however, she believes in them more than he does and leaves with a NGO to Somalia.After Fernando returned, she moved to 2-B with her new friend Carmen.Salvador Villarejo ( Jordi Sánchez ) - He is catholic priest and Bea's brother.(Cock!) Apaguen los teléfonos móviles y no fumen, para hablar levantan la mano y para insultar también me la levantan (Please turn off your mobile telephones and do not smoke.Miramón's contract with Antena 3 expired in June 2006 and was not renewed, bringing the series to an end, since the actors' contracts bind them to the production company and not to the network.Moncho ( Pablo Chiapella ) Higinio and Mamen's oldest son, who has just returned home after his business venture collapsed.
The kidnap trial heard yesterday her mobile phone stopped emitting a signal around five hours after she was last seen and her social media accounts, which she used regularly, have not been touched since the night she was in Aqwa Mist.

Access Denied your access has been blocked due to possible malicious activity originating la ruleta dela suerte online gratis frecuencia latina from your IP address.Agnese caused a fuss as she was led from the door of the nightclub to the car and showed she didnt want to accompany the accused.She works in her father's company and she's used to good clothes and the finer things.She's got a crush on Andrés.Period!) Jose Miguel "Bueno, Pero Tranquilita eh!" (Ok, but take it easy) 2-B edit Roberto Vamos no me jodas.She eventually gets together with Emilio, to the point of living together, but they finally break.(Dad, eat your kiwi!) Mariano.When Loles lost her cause with the company and decided to sign off, Paloma's death was produced.He's brilliant, but he has no ambitions and he's lazy.After her husband gets jailed, she starts an affair with Juan, which eventually leads to the end of her marriage.He's separated from Emilio's mother and, since he has no place to live, he made himself one with his son.Since then, they have broken up and gotten together again several times, including an affair while he was dating Carmen.
Rosa Izquierdo ( María Almudéver ) Bea's girlfriend in season.
The day she was cremated Juan discovered that she cheated with a vacuum cleaner seller.

Diego Álvarez ( Mariano Alameda ) Lucia's younger brother.
United States I Hate This Place edit American television network ABC announced that it will produce an American version of the series, that will be named I Hate This Place.
She's nicknamed pantumaca due to her strong Catalan accent.