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Bonus cortex crash 1

bonus cortex crash 1

This means collecting bingo do oriente every crystal and every gem you can find in each level.
Cortex #1 : The first Cortex face isn't available until you're on the third "floor" of jogos de slots machines gratis 5 tambores this level.Once you do this, you can skip the final boss battle again.To get them, you'll need to complete two Neo Cortex bonus stages - just like any other bonus stage, unlocking the teleporter requires collecting three faces.Cortex and see a different cutscene with.Cortex #3 : Just to the left, when you reach a platform with a void to the left, the only path forward looks like the straight ahead.

With these keys, you'll unlock some bonus levels to enjoy.When you start a new game, proceed juegos de cartas windows 8 through the first stage to the first cutscene with Cortex.Not a bad reward, huh?Everyone loves secret levels, and if you're looking to enjoy everything that.Belly-flop on the plant and you'll be warped to the secret warp room.You can do this for any boss you've previously defeated.Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy Music Dr Neo Cortex Boss And Bonus Round Extended 192 Kbps.36 MB 00:15:28 2608.
Cortex face pick-ups to unlock the teleporters in each level.
When you reach the top of the ruin and can see the sunset background, there's a small interior room with white crate outlines.