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Bonus items hay day

bonus items hay day

However, if a player plants wheat and casino bruxelles job only wheat, a supply material is generated once per 68 harvested fields.
Thanks to wheating and forum trading, today I expand luigi mansion bonus my barn, or silo, or both every day.I sell close to absolute zero, 10 crops for 1 coin, and even with that rate from time to time I used to face wheat jams.Keep one or two slots to your far right wheat-free: one you need for ad dummy, another can be used for trading.They loiter around for no good, trample fields down, and hamper you to wheat.At least, it was like that in older versions of newspaper.Inevitably I had dropped wheating that time.(Spoiler: you don't are there other ways I can get supply materials with?
You farms name is displayed in Daily Dirt and can attract some additional customers.
I didnt know even the silo and field figures I should have for a successful wheating.

I had noticed by myself that planting and harvesting wheat can generate some bonus, but I had to plant twice to get one item, and after 4 or 5 iterations my silo had become full.I had no friends that time (meaning just standard 6 slots in my shop I had a small field and even smaller silo.Same works for barn.They are ugly (some of them) and seem to be useless.I didnt know about little people management and ad dummies, about usefulness of friends.The last point about roadside shop: name your farm like cheap wheat, or something more creative, but with that point.This cucine scavolini baccarat is minor channel to waste the excess of crops, and it can jam your barn occasionally, but it contributes nevertheless.They are not easy to get.I had to complete Captain III after all, and I did all by myself, stubborn!Place an ad dummy instead: strawberry, goat milk, potato, eggs work fine, good old bacon and eggs do that as well.Exceptions: they never ask for animal feed, ores, bars, and jewelry, as well as barn, silo, and land expansion items.If its rack had been refilled, after 6 hours the animal eats again without any reminder and falls asleep again.What do I need for wheating?My favourites are cherries: not as widespread as apples, not as slow as cacao.

Dont advertise the wheat itself: your ad will burn in minutes.
So, wheating is the process of repeated planting and harvesting of as much wheat as you can.
Mechanics is the same: you feed pets once in 6 hours, and they generate you supply materials.