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El premio gordo meme

el premio gordo meme

sacar a colación un problema bring problem.
Verbo transitivo Sentido I 1) ( extraer ) a) to take out, get out; LT;pistola/espada GT; to draw b) LT; muela GT; to pull out, take out; LT;riñón/cálculo GT; to remove c) to extract, mine d) LT;carta/ficha GT; to draw 2) ( poner, llevar fuera.
Taken sácame una foto take a photo of.sacar de carry out of, wretch from, tilt Nombre out of, take from, catapult Nombre out.Siempre me sacan fatal en las fotos.sacar faltas find fault with.Ricardo saca Richard serves the ball.sacar el mejor partido restaurant baccarat moscow de Algo make the best advantage of, make the best use of, make the best possible use.

Resolver, encontrar to do, to work out; crucigrama to do, to solve; sacar la cuenta/la solución to work out the total/the answer; v slot chile sacar la respuesta correcta to get the right answer; siempre está sacando defectos a la gente she's always finding fault with people.Did you (manage to) make anything of all that?See: sacarse * * *.B) c) ( retirar ) 15) ( esp AmL ) ( hacer desaparecer ) LT; mancha GT; to remove, get.Verbo transitivo 1) (poner fuera) to take out, get out saca la basura, por favor please put o take the rubbish out sacar a algn a bailar to get sb up for a dance sacar algo/a algn de, sacó toda su ropa del armario she.Did you make an appointment at the hairdresser's?(conseguir) to get he sacado buenas notas en los exámenes I got good marks in the exams.Stuck no me saques la lengua don't stick your tongue out at.Present Subjunctive saque, saques, saque, saquemos, saquéis, saquen.(hacer una foto) to take.
Folders allow a set of papers to be kept together when a set on a given topic is removed from the file.
sacar mayor partido a squeeze more life out.