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Hi opt i blackjack card counting system

You have to know about the table below to make you learn clearly.
Hi-Opt II Card Counting Strategy Explained.There are four simultaneous counts you must keep track of during a game, plus a true count conversion that must be made when playing multiple deck games.Books About the Hi Opt 2 Card Counting Method.If you really want to become a professional Blackjack player, you should try using the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Counting system.So be ready to rack your brains much if you decide to step the advanced player level and master this difficult technique.Such cards as 2, 7, 8 and 9 are considered as the ones that do not influence upon the card counting at all, that is why they are neutral. .However, though they don't affect the running count, each of these cards must be tracked with a side count.
On the other hand it may supply you with the powerful knowledge and thus aids to mount the throne of yours.
How to Use This Technique, blackjack is the game, where you must have the knowledge about the mathematics, numbers and odds of the game, and if you use these things in your favor, then you can easily beat the casino house advantage.

So if you estimate there are three decks left to be played in the shoe and the running count is 9, the true count comes out.You must not only keep a running count in your head (and convert it to a true count on nombre de las manos de poker the fly in multi-deck games but also keep side counts of the 8's, 9's, and Aces that have been dealt.The strategy of the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Counting system isn't too complicated, but demands constant focus on the table.This system is based on counting, but incorporates more than carioca juego de cartas online just the values of 0.You have to know the assigned value of each card to count the cards and if you make any mistake then that will ruin the whole process.All those counts, though, make for a very accurate method of tracking player's advantage in a blackjack game.The system of the Blackjack Hi-Opt 1 Count works similar to the Hi-Lo principle; however there are still some differences, that make the count more accurate and sometimes even referred to as the Einstein count method.Whenever you gamble, you are doing that for money, and if this system helps you to increase and ensure the safety your money and you will win more money with this technique, why do not you learn and use this technique to check the effectiveness.From the beginning we may notice the presence of -2 /2 count groups.The Hi-Opt II (name High Optimum is also used) is a card counting system which is created for advanced and experienced card counters.As the system doesn't keep track of them, there still remains place for some changes to the basic Blackjack strategy.Hi Opt 2 isn't for the faint of heart.Here are all the values: Hi-Lo Card Point Values.Other card counting techniques have different results for online version of blackjack and many of those do not effective as the traditional land based casinos blackjack but Hi-Opt 1 is different than other card counting techniques.All tens are counted as -1 and most of the small cards 3,4,5,6 as. .Card Values Hi-Opt 1 2/7/8/9/ Ace 0 3/4/5/6 1 10/ King /Queen/Jack -1, if you have high valued hand then you have to bet higher amount but if you have low valued hand and the deck has most of the cards then bet lower amount.
Some players say that the price of a couple of percent of more advantage is higher than studying the complicated card-counting system.

Memorize this chart inside and out to avoid confusing the values with those of other counting systems., j Q, k A, as you can see, there are seperate groups of card values.