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Holdem manager 2 upgrade small stakes to pro

Other Player Lost BBs is Less Than.
Other Final Pot Size in parchis por dinero real BBs is Less Than.Thanks again, hopefully one day in the not so near future I will be able to post a few good e you guys at the felt.Other Allin Win bingo san miguel numero de telefono is Bigger Than.Turn Turn Stack to Pot Ratio Bigger Than.Flop Flop Stack to Pot Ratio Bigger Than.I tried to watch the WiltonTilt maths series on Deucescracked and it was an extremely good series however I got pretty bored of it and I found the maths complicated despite him trying to make it as simplistic as possible.For the last 7 years I have played micro-stakes because I suck(like I said before).It's a great resource if you have questions.Other Players Saw Showdown is Less Than.Poker is a game I really do enjoy and doing well in it gives me great satisfaction.However I probably haven't made 100 dollars in my life playing poker so its quite a bit of cash to invest for somebody who isn't very good however I also plan to buy a few books such as crushing micro-stakes by blackspider79 and maybe signing.
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Turn Turn Stack to Pot Ratio Less Than.Due to time, poor concentration on my behalf(ADD) and lack of will power I still suck at the game BUT I actually want to improve.Other Player Won BBs is Less Than.Start exams tomorrow so for next 2 weeks have to study but after that will try and dedicate time to this game because I am tired of being pretty bad at it, still love the game but just gets frustrating.I currently play on a site which does not support hud however I do have pokerstars as well which I play on quite a bit.Other Final Pot Size in BBs is Bigger Than.So my main question is(sorry for rant), is it worth getting the full holdem manager if you more than likely just going to be playing micro-stakes?Effective Stack in BBs is Less Than.Also couldn't emotionally take that, after all I am into poker because I enjoy the game, don't want to be a pro, would just like to be a casual player who can do alright at it?Effective Stack in BBs is Bigger Than.Questions before you order?Other Players Saw Showdown is Equal.FAQs located in our, forums.So everyone keeps on saying that in order to take poker seriously you need to have this thing called Holdem Manager.So I looked into it about 5 minutes ago and saw it cost 100 but the small stakes version is 55 dollars.
Other Allin Win is Less Than.
Though I first gotta pass my exams!