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La ruleta de la fortuna online once

Panel de Internet (Internet Puzzle) solicitar bono social luz endesa edit The player who solves the puzzle wins a computer plus 100.
It is similar to the US version's "Final Spin except that a time limit of 2 minutes is set, and the contestants have to say one letter at a time, vowel or consonant, and if it is in the puzzle, they'll have 3 seconds.
Telecinco, and then, after a 9 year hiatus, a revival has been made on Antena 3 beginning in 2006.
A wedge with a question mark that acts as the Mystery Wedge.Empiezo Yo (I'll Start) This wedge can only be used when starting a new puzzle.X2 and 1/2 Respectively double and cut the player's score in half if any correct letter appears?Current version's (La ruleta de la suerte) gameplay edit, the three players each begin the game with a toss-up worth 100.All other people have a nice time watching!(prior to it being replaced by a Free Play).And Australian Million-Dollar Wedge.The audience typically stands up when the wedge is hit, and this round also sees them use tambourines and other noisemakers.The audience typically chants common rhythmic chants as the player spins.Bonus Round edit, the player with the biggest total spins a wheel containing cash amounts.000,.500,.000,.500,.000,.500,.000,.500,.000,.000,.000,.000, and a car.Contestants will have 45 seconds in which to flip the letters to reveal an image behind and to finally answer to the host's question.It either conceals a Quiebra (Bankrupt) or 10,000.If a player claimed that wedge and carried that wedge to the bonus round, an envelope containing the appropriate amount would be placed someplace on the bonus wheel.Puzzles edit, unlike the, american version, each puzzle belongs to a given category, as indicated by on-screen transitions.Me Lo Quedo (I'll Keep It) If the player claims the wedge and solves the puzzle, they can have the opponent's wedges.

The player must solve the puzzle without hitting a Bankrupt to win.The original bonus round had players calling their own letters, and as with the US version, they called five consonants and a vowel.See the article Wheel of Fortune (US game show) for more information.Version and the player who solves the first puzzle gets a shot at the mystery puzzle.Then it is played as a regular puzzle, except that if a player says the hidden letter, which would appear in the puzzle colored in green, they will get a special wedge, not present in the wheel, that is only winnable in this puzzle called.Version, the jackpot begins at 3,000 (later 1,000) and increases with every spin.In the event the winner proceeds to the bonus round while holding a wedge that says "ayuda final they can choose from a red, yellow, and blue envelope that will allow them an extra consonant, an extra vowel, or an extra clue about the puzzle.Prueba de Velocidad (Toss-Up puzzle) edit, as in the, american version, a puzzle is revealed one letter at a time, and a player may buzz in at any time to solve.Panel 4 Opciones (4 Options' Puzzle) The contestant who starts this round chooses a category from 4 options.If they had both "Ayuda Final" and "Super Comodín they could choose two envelopes.In the special charity with celebrities, the car is replaced by another one over with 10,000.