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Battle Frontier 1 6 A shnen action manga about a Pokémon Trainer challenging the Battle Frontier.
Rank Views, all Time: # Days: # Days: # Days: # Days: # Days: # Hours: #- - 1 12 Hours: #- - 1 6 Hours: #- - 1 1 Hour: #- - 1, summary.(XY break!) It has its own official video manga on.Pokémon Battle Stories A manga about the struggles of a girl named Wakaba.1, contents, list of Manga edit, released in English edit, manga released by, viz Media, Shogakukan Asia, and.To be added later, reviews, to be added later, home.4 Pokémon 4Koma Encyclopedia Special 1 4 Pokémon 4Koma School 5 4 Pokémon 4Koma Gag Theater 1 Authored by Kagemaru Himeno.Pokemon Adventures, special / / Pocket Monsters Special / Pokémon Adventure / Pocket Monster Special / Pokémon Special / PokéSpe / PokéSpecial / Pokemon.Pocket Monsters Platinum: Aim to Be Battle King!Pocket Monsters Chamo-Chamo Pretty by Yumi Tsukirino, a spinoff and sequel to Magical Pokémon Journey.4 Slowpoke 4Koma manga Get Fired Up!After in his journey, he sees con artist Green (Azure in Japanese who sells him imitation Pokemon things.Pokemon 7 ) Shigekatsu Ihara No Manga released by Shogakukan Asia edit Title Creator(s) First issue Last issue Fully serialized?They aim to entice him to them, to be able to get advice on the location of Giovanni.

Pokémon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu poketto Monsut: Dengeki Pikach ) Toshihiro Ono April 1997 December 1999 Yes casino en san juan capital Magical Pokémon Journey PiPiPi ( Poketto Monsut PiPiPiAdobench ) Yumi Tsukirino July 1997 February 2003 Yes Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!1P Pokémon 1P Comic Theater 1 4 Pokémon 4Koma Plaza Pokémon Colosseum 4Koma Special Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Super Ultra 4Koma Theater!a Pokémon manga series based on the Pokémon Trading Card Game created by Ry Matsushima.Pokémon Pocket Monsters ( Poketto Monsut ) Kosaku Anakubo April 1996 April 28, 2003 Yes Pokémon Yeah!The Sapphire Ruby Saga is dependant on the Sapphire and Ruby versions of the sport. Pokémon Card Game Battle Comic 0 5 Pokémon Daisuki Club webcomic, promoting the Pokémon legend series.Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All!It is created by Takeshi Tamai.Pokémon BW BW Be a Master!
Pocket Monsters Diamond Pearl 2 29 A manga adaptation from the era of the Diamond Pearl series featuring the adventures of Ash and Dawn.
Notable for being canceled before any actual climax in the story.
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Pokémon Gold Silver: The Golden Boys Pokémon Gold and Silver Golden Boys 3 23 A shnen action manga adapting Pokémon Gold and Silver.
4 Pokémon 4Koma Encyclopedia 3 A series of four-panel gag comics that showcase a characteristic or ability of each Pokémon up to Generation.
Eievui Adventure Start Comic A manga about two brothers, Hajime and Satoru, playing Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!