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Poker ev formula

The last thing we need is the W and.
Now we can solve everything: So this bet is EV given that assumption, and of course if he folds even more than 45 of the time this play just gets more and more profitable!So L equals.But how can we actually use this? Either watch this short poker video, or read the videos script below, which will casino de barcelona online 2012 teach you everything you need to know.The L is simply how much we would lose if we called this and lost the pot.I would normally assign a much wider range, but to make life simpler lets just use that range for the time being.We have L which is how often we will lose this hand.
Which means two very important things:.
We know that if the button folds to our bet then we win the pot, so W is 187.

We have W which is how often we will win a given hand.We just pull out our fancy formula and start plugging in numbers.So the W is 50 and the L.This is one of the simpler EV equations we will use in poker: EV (W * W) (L * L).But what about in a poker hand?You and I are going to play a game.(10 x 310) (90 x 10) (3100 900 100.(19,5 x 350) (80,5 x 150) ( 100 -52,5.We want to avoid playing games where the EV is negative.Now we just plug everything in, solve it, and ensure that a call here.

EV P1 x R1 P2 x R2 Pn.