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Simcity casino specialization

It's worth noting that none of the gambling buildings provide 3 epic points, making them the hardest of the epic specialization buildings to complete.
Tourists will stay in lodging to spend any remaining Simoleans in the casino the next day.
Mountainside Cottages 4 Cozy Cottages 4x12 25 Quiet and cozy.Income per High Wealth Gambler/Hour:.Pick one new Division each time your Gambling HQ receives an upgrade.Pick on new Division each time your Gambling HQ receives an upgrade 1 20,000 400 Lodging Division With lodging in the casino, your gamblers can stay until they spend all their hard-earned money.Ice Hockey Arena 14 Entertainment HQ 4x4 18x16 50 Where brave Sim skaters slide on ice holding wooden sticks.Countryside Station Free Reach City League 16x18 50 Full steam ahead with this classic way to get around.Water Park 18 Carousel 7x30 10 Exhilarating and refreshing amusement for Sims of all ages.Dinosgg, simCity How The Culture reglas juego monopoly cartas Specialization Works.Earn 50,000 in a day from gambling N/A 37,500 450 Gambling HQ Sign Assure the city that this is a totally legitmate business establishment.Luxury Beach House 12000 Level 30, 6 omega Residential Buildings 5x30 20 Make waves among the jet set with this striking contemporary property.Statue of Liberty 20 Department of Culture, 200.000 Sims 14x16 75 An iconic pro bono tax advice symbol of freedom to awe and inspire your Sims!High Wealth Rooms:.
Empire State Building 20 Department of Culture 16x16 40 Brings a slice of the Big Apple to your city.

Casino HQ N/A 120,000 1,125 Holo Sign Draw earthlings to your Sci-Fi Casino with this holographic sign!Beachfront Shopping Mall 16 Level 15 7x12 20 Shopping mall that has a great variety of goods to purchase.They are the most efficient and provide the most epic points for each grouping.Medium Wealth Gambler Capcity: 200.Gambling House 4 5,500 75, comedy Club, the Laughs Per Minute (LPM) are low, but any distraction from how much money Sims are losing at the slots is welcome.Or just wander the stacks.
Low Wealth Rooms: 120.
Bluebeard's Pirate Ship 13 Carousel 5x12 20 Famous Bluebeard built his ship to amuse us all.