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Tsum tsum bingo card 6 mission 3

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For example Minnie's power changes Tsums to Mickey and Daisy's power changes Tsums to Donald Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Time mission 11 Earn a score.9m with a Tsum Tsum that clears a horizontal lineTips: Use your higher.
Jason Pierre-Paul, mike Fiers 9news, lucifer Season 4, colorado School shooting.If you have Holiday Donald he is best because you can swipe to clear individual Tsums when his skill is active instead of having to tap on them making it much easier to use Suggested Tsums Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus Items.Once you are close to 399 use 4-6 Tsum chains to get the rest of the way to 399.Bingo Card Mission List mission 1, you start off with this mission complete mission 2, use Tsum Tsum with a mouth to clear 4,200 Tsum Tsum in totalTips: Use a Tsum whose skill clears a lot of Tsums *This is an 'In Total' Mission meaning.Use a rabbit Tsum Tsum to earn 6,000 coins in totalTips: Use Tsums whose skill generates a lot of coins.Try for longer chains as longer chains get more coins Suggested Tsums Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Coin Time mission 8 Use a Premium Box Tsum Tsum to do a 150 comboTips: Make lots of short chains and save bombs and skills until you.Liverpool vs Barcelona, sixers.617179 1, contact Abuse.Tsum Tsum Bingo Missions 3 and 9 gameplays that sealed our second horizontal bingo on the Disney Tsum Tsum game.
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Regular Elsa will also work (don't click to clear the 'frozen' Tsums after the first time you use her power but instead wait until you can re-use her power and 'freeze' a 2nd set, then click to clear them).If you power up his skill make sure you use it before the game ends (you don't want the bonus roulette since it will add coins).Meaning makes their sweetheart appear.It is possible Angel and Oswald will work for this also Suggested Tsums Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 mission 22 Clear 120 White Tsum Tsum in 1 playTips: Use a Tsum whose skill clears a lot of Tsums Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus.Again try to activate their power multiple times until you have enough to create the big chain.Tsums You Can Use, useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Coin Time mission 6 Use a Frozen Tsum Tsum to enter fever 7 times in 1 playTips: Save your bubbles and skills and use them after you have left Fever to get back into Fever.Hint: Donald, Daisy, Jack, Zero, White Rabbit, Olaf (recommended Baymax, Santa Jack, Holiday Donald, Holiday Daisy).We used Donald Tsum for one.It doesn't cost you anything but helps us out a ton!If you happen to have a skill level 6 Rapunzel this mission is super simple; otherwise, try using a Tsum like Eeyore, Chip, Dale, or Daisy and try to use their skill multiple times while clearing as few of 'MyTsum' as possible to power.10 September 2015 3m 15s.Time mission 4, earn 2,400,000 points in 1 playTips: Use your higher level Tsums.Another option would be Sully or Alice that create 'Big' versions of themselves.A 4 Tsum chain will give you 1 coin, a 5 Tsum chain 3 coins, and a 6 Tsum chain 5 coins.Avatar 2, tyra Banks, austin Weather, claire Danes Met Gala.Tsum Tsum Bingo Card 6, clear Row Prizes 5 Rubies 8,000 coins 8 Hearts 10 Rubies 3,000 coins 5 Rubies 3 5- 4 Tickets 3 Bubbles Tickets 10,000 coins 3,000 coins 5 Time Tickets 5,000 coins, clear Card Prize.
Try for longer chains as longer chains get more coins *This is an 'In Total' Mission meaning you can use multiple games to complete it and it will remember your progress.
Time mission 3, use the skill of a male Tsum Tsum 12 Times in 1 playTips: Use Tsums that don't require many Tsums to power up their skill.

For example use Chip and play normally until you get to around 380-390 coins making sure you pop any bubbles as you get them.
And another gift is revealed!
Hint: Donald, Daisy, Scrump, Perry, Jack, Young Oyster, Olaf (recommended Sven, Flounder, Sebastian, Sally, Pascal, Santa Jack, Holiday Donald, Holiday Daisy.