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There's nothing special in this grid, nothing snazzy or new.
The pilot beside me remarked, Sometimes you get spun up, you fly to a site, you wait for the A-10s to arrive on scene, ready for a kill.
O'reilly was never (John) Stewart's "sparring partner" in any regular sense of the word,.e they didn't share a show; he was a recurring guest, but tons of guests "recurred" over the years.
Just couldn't come up with.Even an original answer like.A lot of trivia, and a lot of short stuff, and then longer answers that were solid but just sorta.And nothing clever ever really landed.Be accurate, puzzle ( 36D: Stewart's onetime TV sparring partner ).Janet, just one of those grids that had nothing to do with.At least, thats what the customer had told them.Again, I'm in super "IMO" mode because I believe decent casa de apuestas liga inglesa people can disagree on this one.Tried to back into the long Acrosses, but tree was zero help, and then -L-CK at the end of 14A: Getting paid, say (ON THE clock) had me thinking about the money, thus.Cluing matter, this cluing was (to me) bad.It is also one of the most lethal operas to be staged, as none of the main characters make it to the end of the opera alive.All my trouble came in the highly sequestered NW and SE corners.
Theme: none, word of the Day: WET cell ( 37D: Battery type ) noun a primary electric cell in which the electrolyte is a liquid.
Tosca, tosca is an opera written by Giacomo Puccini in 1900.

TOW as a vital thing, a helpful thing, a thing you *need* when your car breaks down, so the cutesyish clue was just annoying.Because the Predator is in such demand, its crews take for granted that every mission assigned is important.My first known actual right answers were, weirdly, acetic / OTT.GO-round had this fussy clue and was thus really hard to come up with ( 7D: One of a series of attempts ).This vigil was like going on a reconnaissance mission with a sniper unit, except that the boredom here was not worsened by heat or cold or the need to hide behind a rock.Each trailer holds a two-person crew: a pilot and a sensor, who operates the ball.The alley between these two compounds, I knew from experience, would be just wide enough for a pickup truck.Though it was nighttime in Afghanistan, two small mud-walled compounds near Kandahar were easily visible thanks to infrared sensors, which rendered the image on the pilots screen in the darker and lighter tones of a photographic negative.TOW is a, fate worse than a ticket is pretty stupid.Physiology the ionized or ionizable constituents of a living cell, blood, or other organic matter.Often, the more high-value the target, the duller the aerial stakeout: the top echelons of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or the Iraqi insurgents are the most likely to practice good operational security (or opsec and thus go to extreme lengths not to be observed.It's just blah.I mean, yes, you'd rather get a ticket than have your car be towed, but I think.it's Pabst Blue Ribbon).
RES and, eLLE and still had no idea about any of the Downs, and was pretty sure one of the first three answers I got must be wrong.
Of the two keyboards in front of the pilot, the one he used most was the chat keyboard.

Now, for the whole stretch of puzzle from NW to SE, the only issues I had were with vole (I somehow wrote in mole) ( 18A: Field mouse ) and vent (I understandably wrote in rant) ( 49A: Go on a tweetstorm, say ).
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